Because you were there By Sally Dalzel To my darling,
About the Book - The book comprises a series of letters written by the author to her late husband in the first nine months following his death. They describe the stages of the journey as they happened, from shock, raw grief and isolation to the ability to look forward again and embrace her life. Essentially the book is a chapter of love letters which provide a rare and personal glimpse into the essence of their love, which the author described to others as being, “the most unlikely but extraordinarily successful love affair” Who the book is for - The book has two main audiences:
General readership of a series of love letters
Readers who may have been recently bereaved. One of the themes in the book is the sense of isolation felt by the author; not even others who also loved the deceased can share in the grief, which is uniquely personal to the relationship. In the early stages the bereaved can feel totally alone in their loss and change of life circumstances, and these letters provide a reminder that although part of the process is the sense of isolation, it is not a life sentence for those left behind.
Self-help and counselling organisations providing support for the bereaved.
Training courses for counsellors.
 The message of the book - That of all that we may strive to achieve in life, the only thing that remains after death is love. This is the strength that we take forward into the life ahead and which can still be passed on to others.

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